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When you need a root canal, you want it performed with skill and a soft touch.

Persistent aching or throbbing tooth pain, sensitivity to hot or cold foods or liquids, pain while chewing or pain in your head, neck or ear could be signs of a serious dental problem. Because of this, you should see your family dentist right away. If, after thorough examination and X-rays, he or she determines that the inside of your tooth is infected or inflamed, chances are you will be referred to Dr. Bryan Bohning at Bohning Endodontics in Metairie or Houma, Louisiana.

Dr. Bohning is an endodontist, which is a dentist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of problems associated with the tooth pulp, the soft tissue located inside the root canal. He has over 17 years of dental experience and well over 10,000 successful root canal procedures to his credit. Dr. Bohning offers the full range of endodontic procedures, including root canal therapy, root canal retreatment and apexification, which helps produce more favorable conditions for root canal filling. And he performs these procedures with the skill and soft touch you will truly appreciate. 

These are some of the many reasons why Bohning Endodontics is trusted by over 300 New Orleans area dentists for their patients who need endodontic treatment. Please read on to learn more.

Bohning Endodontics has 2 convenient locations to serve you in Metairie or Houma, Louisiana . To schedule an appointment please call us at 504-888-4034 in Metaire, Louisana or at 985-580-1007  in Houma, Louisana.

4051 Veterans Blvd., Suite 312, Metairie, LA 70002
761 West Tunnel Blvd, Suite E, Houma, LA 70360

Bohning Endodontics serves Metairie, Houma, New Orleans, Lousiana specializing in advanced endodontic care including single visit root canal, dental implants, root canal retreatment, crowns, bridges, veneers and cosmetic bonding. Dr. Bryan Bohning is an endodontist providing effective treatment for gum disease, tooth decay, cracked teeth, missing teeth, tooth pain, and advanced oral surgery services not available from your general dentist.